Point of contact for journalists

As a trade journalist you will probably have contacted us on many occasions and will know who the company specialists are. If not: we are here to help you. Even more if what we do is outside your field of expertise. Just give us a call. Marketing and public relations at SIBA are managed by an in-house team and a professional external service provider.

Updated information
Company news can be found here - and on practically every page, as this is where the current press releases will be. Where there is print-quality image material this is downloadable alongside the full message text - please also heed the copyright information!

General material
Aside from the up-to-the-minute reporting you will find specialist material here under the product information. The company profile is presented in brief on these website pages. You can also download our corporate brochure from here as a PDF file. The download area contains additional information.

Any questions?

Jeroen Blom Tel.: +31 (0)40 2467071