High-voltage fuses: reliable as the fire brigade

Power stations, substations, overhead power lines: Of the many energy utility installations that ensure our vital electricity supply, most people only take notice of the big, visible features. As far as many consumers are concerned, electricity still simply comes out of the wall. But that things are far from that simple is a story the energy utilities could tell every day.

But to prevent matters from reaching a pitch where people notice that something is wrong because the power has failed, the operators take precautions by investing in good time, and not just in the visible infrastructure. This extends from the transformer via cable and wire to the consumer. SIBA products protect this infrastructure - and thus make their own contribution to the reliability of our energy supply.

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Fuses for transformers

Power transformers are highly sophisticated, motionless electric machines. The start-up process is also a highly sophisticated matter, involving high currents, but without causing the fuse to trip. On the other hand, though, the power circuit must be reliably interrupted if excessively high currents flow for an excessively long time. In this particular area, standards can provide general recommendations only – but thanks to our many years of experience, we knowexactly what fuse is needed to take care of what situation.

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Fuses for voltage transformers

Whether installed in smart substations that help master Germany’s energy transition or in switchgear whose voltage transformers have to meet strict customer requirements: HV fuse links from SIBA protect components that are indispensable to our energy supply.

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Fuses for motor protection

In high-voltage motor circuits, conditions are tough: Load changes, high start-up currents and high levels of vibration mean stress for both the motor and the peripherals. Our fuses have been specifically designed with these conditions in mind and with the ability to meet German, international and, in particular, also British standards. They combine low power losses with excellent current limitation. As a result, they ensure that also where short circuits are concerned, your motors and equipment are reliably protected.

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Fuses for capacitor banks

Among the key components in the energy supply chain are switchable capacitor banks. These help to keep the mains output constant by controlling the flow of reactive power if and when needed. If capacitors arranged in banks of this kind are switched on, they generate equalising currents which are similar to short circuits. SIBA fuses for high-voltage capacitors are optimally designed for their purpose. They protect important equipment from failure. Like the world’s biggest capacitor bank at the Helmholtz research centre in Dresden.

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