Low-voltage fuses: safety belt for mains and equipment

A machine tool without proper fuse protection may well be put out of service for a considerable time. And that can be expensive. And even if the actual damage is covered by the insurance, the outage may cause an order to be lost, and nobody except you will pay for all the trouble and work involved. So seen from this angle, optimum fuse protection is a very worthwhile investment. If the worst comes to the worst, the fuse reacts instantaneously, is quickly replaced, and work can then carry on as before.

But also at home and in other locations, SIBA NH fuses provide sound protection against faults in the electrical system or poor workmanship during installation of the wiring. And as always, preventing material damage is one thing. Protecting human life and health another. We are committed to doing both.

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Switch gears and machines:
Protection à la carte

Whether as a pre-fuse in the house connection box or as protection for machine tools in the factory – our NH products cover a wide variety of applications. They are available for a large number of different characteristics, for all normal sizes and for many different voltages. We are constantly adding new innovations to our broad product range – such as the combination indicator. This shows both at the top and in the centre whether the fuse has been tripped. Optimum protection and optimised handling add up to maximum utility.

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Switch rails: Combination indicators
provide a clear message

In the case of fuses installed in fuse switch rails, the reliable top indicators can often not be clearly seen. Therefore, a lot of time can be wasted looking for fuse-links that have switched off. Classical centre indicators, on the other hand, often give a false indication. That also costs time during fuse change. Time that you can now save. Because our combination indicators provide a doubly clear message – thanks to the special design at the centre and the top. And both with highest dependability.

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